Meetings / Crises in Agriculture and Resource Sectors

Crises in Agriculture and Resource Sectors

Joint Workshop 2006:
Crises in Agriculture and Resource Sectors:
Analysis of Policy Responses

October 15, 16 &17, 2006 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Conference Location
The Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre 1316 33rd Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Conference Presentations

Farm Level Policy Post Workshop Meeting Presentations

Important Dates
March 30, 2006: Papers and/or abstracts due
May 30, 2006: Successful presenters notified
October 15, 16 & 17, 2006: Workshop Held
November 30, 2006: Papers chosen for CJAE peer review announced
December, 2007: CJAE Special Issue published

Have Policy Responses Been Appropriate?
In this workshop we explore the policy responses to crises in agricultural and resource economies in an effort to better understand the impact that these policies have had and to improve policy formulation in the future.

Host Organizations
Canadian Agricultural Economics Association (CAES)
Farm Level Policy ~ Agricultural Policy Research Network (FLP)
Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network (CATPRN)

Wiktor Adamowicz – President Elect, CAES;
Kathy Baylis – Fellow, CATPRN;
Jim Unterschultz – Network Leader, FLP.

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (CJAE) Special Issue 2007
The best papers submitted to the workshop will be invited to undergo a peer review process for inclusion in the CJAE 2007 Special Issue: Crises in Agriculture and Resource Sectors: Analysis of Policy Response to Crisis Situations. Invitation to peer review will occur after the workshop. CJAE page charges will apply (Can $65/page) to papers accepted into the special issue. Special Issue Editors: V. Adamowicz, K. Baylis, J. Unterschultz.

Support for FLP and CATPRN is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Administrative support is provided by Rural Economy, the home department of Wiktor Adamowicz and Jim Unterschultz at the University of Alberta.