Meetings / Ottawa FLP Workshop

Ottawa FLP Workshop

Workshop Schedule
Presentations from the workshop:

Jim Unterschultz - Introduction

Kurt Klein - Farm level modelling for policy analysis in Canada: An historical perspective
James Nolan - Applying Agent Based Modeling to Farm Policy Issues
Scott Jeffrey - Farm Cash Flow Modeling: A S(t)imulating Approach to Policy Analysis
Emmanuel Yiridoe - What Factors Influence a Farmer’s Decision to Invest in Structural BMPs? Evidence and Policy Implications
Alison J. Eagle - Farming on the Urban Fringe: The Economic Impacts of Niche and Local Marketing Strategies
Paul Thomassin - Ecological Goods and Services
Tracy Stobbe -Agricultural Land Values: Can Productive Agriculture Survive Development Pressures in British Columbia
Brady Deaton and Richard Vyn – Land Value/Use and Green belt in Ontario
Jared Carlberg - Effects of Agricultural Policy Upon Farmland Values
Getu Hailu - Beef Efficiency Issues and Policy Implications
Steve Clark - The transfer efficiency of Government Support
Brandon Schaufele - BSE, Farm Income, Agri-Stability and Livestock Disaster Insurance
Verna Mitura and Martin Beaulieu - Farm Level Data and Access Issues with StatCan