Effects of Agricultural Policies Upon Farmland Prices

Researchers: Jared Carlberg, University of Manitoba

Research Summary

This project will expand the agriculture sector’s ability to respond to changing local, national and global factors by enhancing the understanding of the effects of agricultural policies upon the value of farmland, the single biggest asset on the farm balance sheet. Increasing demand and support for agriculture that is environmentally sustainable has led to policies designed to address issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, biofuels, and restrictions on the use of agricultural inputs. The implication is that these policies have the potential to dramatically affect the value of farmland and by extension, the welfare of agricultural producers. This study will calculate the effects of these policies upon farmland values using a model that incorporates farmland prices and farm income data.

Significance of Research

Results are expected to reach a number of beneficiaries including agricultural producers, academics and policymakers.

Summary of Research Results: Yet to come.