Policy Briefs

FLP 07-01 Measures and causes of divergent productivity growth in the livestock and crop sectors: Prairie provinces 1940-2004. Bryce Stewart, Terry Veeman and Jim Unterschultz. May 2007.

FLP 07-02 Externalities and valuation of farmland in the urban fringe. Tracy Stobbe, G. Cornelis van Kooten and Geerte Cotteleer. May 2007.

FLP 07-03 Examining farmland loss in Ontario. Adèle Labbé, B. James Deaton, Alfons Weersink and Glenn Fox. June 2007.

FLP 07-04 Do farmers waste fertilizer? Predrag Rajsic and Alfons Weersink. July 2007

FLP 07-05 Agricultural biotechnology and canola meal: An application of real options to Canadian Research Policy. Emmanuel Laate, Jim Unterschultz and Desmond Ng. July 2007.

FLP 07-06 Agricultural Pollution Havens: Do They Exist in North America? Deepananda Herath, Alfons Weersink, Brady Deaton, Chantal Line Carpentier and Christine Eveland.

FLP 07-07 An agent-based model of regional structural change: A focus on Saskatchewan agriculture. Tyler R. Freeman, James Nolan and Richard Schoney. September 2007.

FLP 07-08 Value added processing to mitigate disease outbreak impacts: The PVYn and potato wart disease outbreaks in Prince Edward Island. J. Stephen Clark, Petr Prochazka, Emmanuel K. Yiridoe and Katerina Prochazkova. Nova Scotia Agricultural College. September 2007.