Project Reports

FLP 501 Expert Opinion versus Transaction Evidence: Using the Reilly Index to Measure Open Space premiums in the Urban-Rural Fringe. Geerte Cotteleer, Tracy Stobbe and G. Cornelis van Kooten

FLP 501 Hobby Farms and Protection of Farmland in British Columbia. Tracy Stobbe, Alison Eagle and G. Cornelis van Kooten

FLP 501 Farmland Conservation in The Netherlands and British Columbia, Canada: A Comparative Analysis Using GIS-based Hedonic Pricing Models. Geerte Cotteleer, Tracy Stobbe, and G. Cornelis van Kooten

FLP 502 Summary of the 2005 IFCN cost and return estimates, wheat and oilseed exporting countries. R.A. Schoney and R. Wharton.

FLP 506 Preliminary Results from the Farm Behaviour Component of the Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Model for the Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices Program. Peter Boxall, Marian Weber, Orsolya Perger, Marius Cutlac and Antony Samarawickrema