Projects by Network Objective

Each Network project is listed below along with the FLP objective(s) that it supports. It should be noted that projects may support more than one objective.

  1. International Competitiveness.
  2. Sustainable Production.
  3. Risk Management.
  4. Regional Integration.
  5. Social Integration.

Objective Project #  Project Title Primary Researcher
1 2 3 4 5
a a 500 Crop Rotations, Soil Degradation and Land Use Policy in PEI Stephen J. Clark
a a a 501 Mitigating and Compensating Agricultural Land-Use Externalities in British Columbia G. C. van Kooten
a a 502 Typical Cash Crop Farms – Saskatchewan (IFCN) R. A. Schoney
a a a 503 Development of Agent-based Models of Farm and Rural Structural Change R. A. Schoney
a a 504 Effects of Urbanization on Canadian Agriculture Alfons Weersink
a a 505 Determinants of On-Farm Investments in Environmental Protection Emmanuel K. Yiridoe
a a 506 A Farm Simulation Model of BMP Adoption for Improvements to Off-Farm Water Quality Peter C. Boxall
a a 507 Farm level Pricing and Risk Management of Canola in Western Canada James R. Unterschultz
a a 509 The Effect of Land-Use Restrictions on Agricultural and Residential Land Values Brady James Deaton, Jr.
a a 515 Understanding Rates of Farm-based Agri-business Start-up, Failure and Growth in Rural Canada Spencer Henson
a 516 An Economic Analysis of Cattle Farms in Southern Alberta Danny LeRoy
a a 517 An Econometric Model of Multivariate Stochastic Production Functions for Manitoba Crop Agriculture Barry Coyle
a a 519 An Evaluation of Moral Hazard Risks in Government of Canada Farm Business Risk Management Safety Net Programs Scott Jeffrey
a 520 Designing Revenue Insurance for the Cow-Calf Industry in Western Canada Tomas Nilsson
a 521 Beef Industry Competitive Benchmarking Study: Measuring the -Efficiency and Productivity of Ontario and Alberta Cow-calf Operations Getu Hailu
a a 522 Effects of Agricultural Policies Upon Farmland Prices Jared Carlberg
a 523 Supplying Ecological Good and Services from the Agricultural Landscape through Auction Mechanisms Paul Thomassin
a a 524 Measuring Farm Income and the Contributions of Federal Agri-Food Programs to Farm Income Stability in Canada Rakhal Sarker
a 526 The Evolution of the Canadian Prairie Grain Handling System James Nolan
a 529 The Transfer Efficiency of Government Support Programs Stephen Clark
a 534 Policy Impacts on Organic and Locally-Oriented Food Production in British Columbia G.C. van Kooten