Typical Cash Crop Farms – Saskatchewan (IFCN)

Researchers: R. A. Schoney, University of Saskatchewan; Richard Wharton, Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food

Research Summary

The researchers on this project are Canadian participants in the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN).

The primary purpose of the IFCN and its partners is to analyze farm level competitiveness across countries and farm types. This is accomplished by collecting detailed farm data including farm costs and returns as well information on other factors affecting overall farm competitiveness. The latter include institutional arrangements and environmental considerations. The IFCN is independent from third parties (policymakers, lobby groups, industry) and is committed to integrity, science and reliability of results. A key component of the IFCN is the relationship of the network to the partners. Data are shared across the network. Every network partner can access all current and past data and results of the IFCN Cash Crop Network but only after that partner has contributed their own farm data.

The IFCN is an association of agricultural scientists, advisors and farmers. The IFCN is housed at the Institute of Farm Economics, FAL (Federal Agricultural Research Centre) in Braunschweig, Germany.

Research Significance

Current IFCN network priorities are the following:

1. To estimate the international competitiveness of prairie farm businesses.

2. Modify current models to better suit typical cash crop farms.

3. Improve data quality of existing farms.

Summary of Research Results: Yet to come.