Measuring Farm Income and the Contributions of Federal Agri-Food Programs to Farm Income Stability in Canada

Researchers: Rakhal Sarker, University of Guelph

Research Summary

While farm income is an important indicator of the wellbeing of primary producers and the viability of farming as a business, how farm income is measured in Canada remains a contentious issue (Brinkman, 2004). The primary objective of this research is to develop a good understanding of how farm income is currently measured in Canada. Does it fully reflect the changing market conditions for agri-food products produced in Canada brought about by recent trade agreements and growing globalization of Canadian agriculture? After addressing this issue, an attempt will be made to develop a catalogue of various federal programs designed to enhance and stabilize farm income in Canada. Finally, an attempt will be made to assess the contributions of federal agricultural programs to farm income in Canada.

Significance of Research

This research will produce a report which will be useful for determining if Federal farm programs are achieving their intended goals. This information could assist in developing an alternative measure of farm income which is more reflective of the changing market condition than the current measure. It may also contribute to redesigning Federal agri-food programs in the near future.

Summary of Research Results: Yet to come.