Workshop: “Crises in Agriculture and Resources Sectors: Analysis of Policy Responses”

The Farmlevel Policy Network co-sponsored the workshop on “Crises in Agriculture and Resources Sectors: Analysis of Policy Responses” in October 2006.

Selected papers from the workshop underwent peer review coordinated by guest editors Kathy Baylis (CATPRN member), Vic Adamowicz (CAES president) and Jim Unterschultz (FLP network leader).

These papers are featured in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (December 2007, Volume 55 Issue 4, pages 399-590) which is available to subscribers on the Blackwell publishers website.

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics Special Issue

Links to the individual paper abstracts (English and French) are provided below. Presentations from the workshop are also available on the FLP website.

Public Responses to Agricultural Disasters: Rethinking the Role of Government
Barry K. Goodwin and Ligia A. Vado

Risk and Crisis Management in the Reformed European Agricultural Policy
Carlo Cafiero, Fabian Capitanio, Antonio Cioffi and Adele Coppola

Multiple Discourses on Crisis: Farm, Agricultural, and Rural Policy Implications
Kenneth C. Bessant

Does a Crisis Matter? Forest Policy Responses to the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic in British Columbia
Harry Nelson

Farm Economics of Bird Flu
Robert H. Beach, Christine Poulos and Subhrendu K. Pattanayak

Dynamic Programming and Learning Models for Management of a Nonnative Species
Mark E. Eiswerth and G. Cornelis van Kooten

Economic Effects of Mitigating Apple Maggot Spread
Zishun Zhao, Thomas Wahl and Thomas Marsh

The Mediterranean Fruit Fly and the United States: Is the Probit 9 Level of Quarantine Security Efficient? Michael J. Livingston

PVYn and Potato Wart Disease Outbreaks in Prince Edward Island: Policy Response and Analysis 
J. Stephen Clark, Petr Prochazka, Emmanuel K. Yiridoe and Katerina Prochazkova

Impacts of BSE on World Trade in Cattle and Beef: Implications for the Canadian Economy
Randall Wigle, Jeevika Weerahewa, Maury Bredahl and Sudarma Samarajeewa

An Evaluation of Economic Models to Provide Policy Advice in Response to the BSE Crisis in Canada
Danny G. Le Roy, K. K. Klein and Lawrence Nii Arbenser

Understanding the Structure of Canadian Farm Incomes in the Design of Safety Net Programs
Al Mussell, Terri-Lyn Moore, Ken McEwan and Randy Duffy